A Little Fall Color!-ISS Live!

By: Ylee, 10:13 AM GMT em 20 de Outubro de 2014

Windows to the World

Webcam blogs that feature natural events are ephemeral at best; be it spring blossoms, or fall leaves, cams can be awesome one day, and ho-hum or dull the next. Hopefully, these cams will hang in there for a couple of weeks! :' )

From spindleuv-mlyn.com, the Spindl cam! Full Size

From Taki-Jo Taro, the Sadamisakihanto live cam!


Updated: 08:03 PM GMT em 25 de Outubro de 2014

Grand Tetons!

By: Ylee, 09:40 PM GMT em 30 de Setembro de 2014

Windows to the World

Rising dramatically above Jackson Hole, The Teton mountain range is the youngest of the Rocky Mountains, at 6 to 9 million years old. Evidence of human activity goes back approximately 11,000 years, and the Shoshone tribe continued to live there until 1868, when they relocated to a reservation 100 miles away. The first white man to enter the area is believed to be John Coulter.

The transition ...


Updated: 08:47 PM GMT em 16 de Outubro de 2014

I am back! :' )

By: Ylee, 10:35 AM GMT em 01 de Setembro de 2014

Windows to the World

Most people reading the title of this blog would assume the word "live" is pronounced with a short "i", with the underlying meaning a variation of Carpe Diem. This is not the case, as the "live" in this title is pronounced with a long "i" ! This is the phrase used in Youtube's newest venture, which is streaming content live over the internet. The first instance of this that I found was the intersect...

Updated: 02:27 AM GMT em 18 de Setembro de 2014

Plain Blog- Chapter 5 is up! Live Streaming Cam #84!

By: Ylee, 04:36 PM GMT em 06 de Agosto de 2014

As stated in my last post on the old blog, I had a very nice blog fixed up, based on a wonderful new cam I found of Mt. Fuji. However, the cam won't work on the blog, despite my best efforts. With that, you all get a plain blog, instead! (^-^)

From hyrumdamcam.com, The Hyrum Dam West cam! Full Size

From Campi Ya Kanzi, the Live From the Savana cam! Full Size

Updated: 02:56 AM GMT em 23 de Agosto de 2014

From Gorges to Gorgeous

By: Ylee, 09:48 AM GMT em 15 de Julho de 2014

Windows to the World

Yeah, I know, it's a cheesy title, but this blog has gorges, and several could be classified as gorgeous, so sue me, lol!

From the U.S. Forest Service, the Columbia River Gorge cam! Full Size

From Geirangerfjord Cruise Port, the Geiranger Pier cam! Full Size

From Amazing Thailand, the Chiang Rai 1 cam! Full ...

Updated: 01:56 PM GMT em 19 de Julho de 2014

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