Life's a Beach

By: Ylee, 09:44 AM GMT em 17 de Fevereiro de 2015

Nothing like getting dumped on by nine inches of snow to make a person dream of warmer times and places! I can't get the summer, or even spring, to get here any sooner, and I don't have the wherewithal to travel someplace warmer, so I'll have to stick to my old standby, beach cams! :' )

From the Shangri-La Hotel, the Explore Santa Monica Beach cam!

Ustream Link


Updated: 07:56 AM GMT em 24 de Fevereiro de 2015

This blog is for the birds!

By: Ylee, 12:39 PM GMT em 24 de Janeiro de 2015

One thing about the folks who stop this blog, and the owners of the blogs I frequent, almost everyone loves birds. Some have bird feeders, others own birds, many go birdwatching, or take photos; a good many of you can check the box labeled "all of the above"! :' )

Bird lovers, this blog's for you! Birds are one of the most popular subjects in the webcam world. Whether it's someone's pet, a bird f...


Updated: 04:21 PM GMT em 28 de Janeiro de 2015

Top 20 Cams of 2014! Chapter 7 is up!

By: Ylee, 10:44 PM GMT em 12 de Janeiro de 2015

Windows to the World

The results are in! First of all, I want to thank everyone who voted! Without you, this blog would not be possible! This
vote went literally down to the wire!

This year, there were 21 voters(A record! yay!), with an amazing 66 different cams voted for out of the 131 posted! I think this is a reflection of the overall quality of the cams posted on the blog throughout the year!

Updated: 06:04 PM GMT em 21 de Janeiro de 2015

Time to Vote!

By: Ylee, 12:26 PM GMT em 30 de Dezembro de 2014

Windows to the World

It's that time of year! Ready to go through all the cams I've had on the blog this year, and vote for your favorites? The "regulars" that visit the blog know the routine; pick your favorite cams(up to ten), and list them in order, and I'll tally them, 10 points for your most favorite, to 1 point for your 10th, and on January 7th, I'll post the results on a separate blog!

Anyone can vote, ...

Updated: 01:37 PM GMT em 05 de Janeiro de 2015

Christmas Lights 2014!

By: Ylee, 08:38 AM GMT em 06 de Dezembro de 2014

Seems like I just did a Christmas blog! :' ) There have been a few additions to the list of good Christmas cams, but most of the ones from last year are still going strong! Enjoy!

From Santa Claus Live, the office cam!


From the Micronesia Mall, the mall cam!

Alek's Christmas Lights and Christmas Lights Webc...


Updated: 03:03 PM GMT em 11 de Dezembro de 2014

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