Niagara Falls!

By: Ylee, 05:50 AM GMT em 03 de Abril de 2014

Niagara Falls is one of the best well known and iconic wonders of North America. Straddling the international boundary between Canada and the United States, it is serves as the transition from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. Created after the last Ice Age, the newly formed Niagara River dug out softer shales around the harder limestones, creating the falls. It has been estimated that the falls have retreated 6.8 miles...


Updated: 04:03 PM GMT em 15 de Abril de 2014

Odd Cams!

By: Ylee, 11:46 PM GMT em 31 de Março de 2014

April Fools! :' ) There's a lot of cams out there that make me scratch my head, and ask, "Why?" Some are done as a public service, or civic pride. Others are just for the sake of weirdness, I think!

Oh, and I added a totally cool geek one, too!

From the University of South Carolina, the Roach cam! Full Size

From ht...


Updated: 11:50 PM GMT em 31 de Março de 2014

Chapter #2 is up!

By: Ylee, 11:08 AM GMT em 09 de Março de 2014

Snow monkeys, penguins, Mille Lacs, ect. all feature that white stuff we are all sick and tired of! So, I'm declaring this blog a No Snow Zone! A couple of the cams may not be that warm, but there's no snow on any of them!

From the Hotel Delfini, the Ischia cam!

From El Real Hotel, the Real de Catorce cam!



Updated: 01:46 PM GMT em 30 de Março de 2014

Raca Baka Chapter 1-#134

By: Ylee, 11:38 AM GMT em 13 de Fevereiro de 2014

I think I can speak for most of the folks east of the Rockies in saying that I'm ready for Spring! However, there seems to be a shortage of Spring-y cams at the moment! So, I decided to post a hodgepodge of cams, picked by no other reason outside of the fact that I like them! :' )

Hope you do too!

Thanks to, the Cafe China(east) cam!


Updated: 04:57 PM GMT em 27 de Fevereiro de 2014

The Island of the Swallows

By: Ylee, 12:36 PM GMT em 20 de Janeiro de 2014

"Island of the Swallows" translated into Mayan becomes Ah Cuzamil Peten. We know it today as Cozumel, a 250 square mile island off the Yucatan coast of Mexico. It is a prime tourist destination, with over two million people visiting there annually. Virtually all of the island's economy is derived fron tourism, as there is no manufacturing or farming on the island.

So, if you were to be one of th...


Updated: 10:58 AM GMT em 28 de Janeiro de 2014

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